Collecting feedback

Here’s one piece of advice for anyone who is out there doing readings/presentations/performances: take a comments book with you, so that when someone says they’ve enjoyed your work, you can ask them to write it down as proof. On Tuesday I gave a presentation for a local retirement group and several people very kindly wrote feedback in my book which I left on the table with a pen. Their words have now been added to my feedback page and also appear below. As well as being able to quote what people have said, there’s also the satisfaction of being praised (which we performers need more than some might think!) and sometimes there are constructive suggestions too. By the way, if you know of a group who may be interested in an entertaining mix of poetry and songs about the carpet industry, do please pass on my details!

Superb morning, thoroughly enjoyable, so cleverly presented.
This was a very interesting morning. Fabulous.
Most interesting – a unique look at the carpet industry.
Delightful morning – very nostalgic.
Great. She is very good.
Very interesting talk and music.
A very interesting and talented lady.
Very enjoyable and interesting.