Festive Fare

My Christmas poem was inspired by an article in last Saturday’s Independent Magazine by Oscar Quine entitled Festive Fare, an A to Z of what we might consume at this time of the year, including a few surprises. I used the list and some of the explanations to create an A to Z of my own. The only item I changed was XO Chicken which I have no idea how to pronounce!

I love finding poetry in other people’s writing. My favourite words of Oscar’s are ‘squidgy and luminous’ when referring to jellied fruits and my favourite line for playfully twisting the words I found is the one about roasties. The lobster line was … er … tough.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d like to think some of you might share it along with some food and drink over the festive period. I sent it to Oscar who was good enough to write back: “Thank you so much for your fantastic poem. I passed it around the team and you have put a smile on all of our faces just in time for Christmas. Personally, I’m very pleased that you felt inspired by my piece!” Thanks Oscar!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you so much for reading my blog over the past year.

Festive Fare
inspired by an article by Oscar Quine in The Independent Magazine 12.12.2015

A is for Asti, Italian Spumante
B is for Brussels sprouts – hear the kids moan
C is for cheese that we’re always too full for
D is for date with a stick and a stone

E is for eggnog – “a noggin of egg grog”
F is for fish when abstaining from meat
G is for gl
ühwein served hot, it’s delicious
H is for humbug (I don’t mean a sweet)

I is for Irish Cream, laden with calories
J is for jellied fruits, squidgy and luminous
K is for KFC, choice for the Japanese
L is for lobster, not very voluminous!

M is for mince pies brought back by crusaders
N is for nutroast for veggies, and cheap
O is for oysters, luxurious blighters
P is for pigs in their blankets asleep

Q is for Queen’s speech delivered at 3 o’clock
R is for roasties by Edward the King
S is for snowball – a drink, so don’t throw it
T is for turkey – leg, white meat or wing

U is for unwanted guests past their welcome
V is for vermouth for cocktails galore
W is for whisk(e)y – it’s Scotch or it’s Irish
X is for Xmas – what this poem’s for!

Y is for yule log with marzipan snowmen,
rocks made of nuts, and a sugary frost
Z is for sleeping when dinner is over
before you wake up and work out what it cost!

© Heather Wastie
December 2015