Touching history

Earlier this year I was commissioned to write a poem to celebrate the work of the West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust. I will be performing the new poem this coming Thursday evening 11th June in Redditch as part of an event at Gorcott Hall.

Trustee Philip Adams, who is organising the event, commissioned the poem when he read this piece about my childhood in Cradley Heath. He felt that my family connections with the Trust would enable me to include some personal reflections as well as highlight the importance of conservation “in this throw-away world”. Although I have never been involved with the Trust myself, other than visiting some beautiful buildings, I witnessed its workings from the outside through my Dad who was Chairman for many years. My Mother remained a member after Dad passed away and my brother is Project Director. Years back, my brother's two children 'commissioned' me to write a poem about dust after they had taken part in one of the many work parties! The poem is in my book The Page-Turner’s Dilemma. Philip Adams and I are distantly related too, and I know he feels, as I do, that buildings connect us to people in a way nothing else can.

IMG_0275This gate, for instance, was made by my Dad when he was at school. It served as our factory gate (we owned a cooperage in Cradley Heath) until it was demolished in the 1960s and ended up attached to this chain shop in Bannister Street. I am so glad Dad told me about this before he died and I was able to capture it in a photo. The last time I was there, the building was up for sale and the gate had been replaced.

It's amazing where writing a blog can take you! Back now to the new piece, a tribute to this voluntary organisation, with a touch of humour. “I am sure everyone will be thrilled that you have really given a flavour of the Trust's work and history,” said Philip when he had read it. It's called Touching History and ends with these 4 lines:

Conservation in a throw-away world.
Social return, not financial return.
Helping the future lay hands on the past.
Leaving a legacy that will last.

WMHBT are involved with saving the Weavers' Cottages in Horsefair, Kidderminster. Fingers crossed, there will be some visible action soon! Here's their Facebook page

As regular readers will know, I'm on the shortlist for the position of Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2015. The appointment will be made this Friday 12th June! See to find out where else I'll be performing this weekend.