A poem about the gherkin

Elena Thomas has asked me to post my gherkin poem which I wrote after sitting in a Worcester pub with poets Sarah James and Angela Topping. Since all three of them are featuring at my next Mouth and Music event (on Tuesday 8th September) how could I refuse?

A poem about the gherkin
for Sarah James & Angela Topping

You are smerkin
at a gherkin
that is lerkin
on her platter

How I ferkin
hate the gherkin,
little rotter

I am werkin
to ban the gherkin,
stop ’em lerkin
on our platters!

Take that, gherkin!
I’ll go berserk in
never sherkin
what really matters!

© Heather Wastie

Elena says I used up all the rhymes. Since writing it, I have been given a couple of suggestions for rhymes I missed. All I can say is, I’m glad I hadn’t thought of them.

Have a nice day
and please keep the gherkins at bay.

Carrying the evening home

This could be a poem or a song. I don’t know yet. I wrote it after going to the launch of an exhibition by Elena Thomas at ArtSpace in Birdcage Walk, Dudley, a place I used to know well. There was underwear hanging from ceilings and Elena’s songs were poignant and beautiful ….. Intrigued? Do visit her website http://www.elenathomas.co.uk/

Carrying the evening home

The boarded up
The shout out loud
The delicate stitch
The gentle crowd

The gawping dance
The gaping cry
The fear of fear
The walk on by

Carrying the evening home
Carrying the feelings home

The open door
The bleeding sound
The sensitive ear
The in-for-a-pound

The whitened wall
The underneath
The birdcage walk
The sung relief

Carrying the evening home
Carrying the feelings home

The arm in arm
The dead beat bar
The cast of one
The shop front door

The empty town
The lost bazaar
The what we had
The who we are

Carrying the evening home
Carrying the feelings home

© Heather Wastie
July 2015