I oughta drink water

At a recent Alzheimer’s Society cafe performance in Coventry we talked about drinks and collected thoughts. Here are the 2 poems I wrote for them afterwards.

I oughta drink water

I oughta drank water,
and fresh lemonade
is very refreshing,
but it has been said
that Guinness is good for you,
whisky is healthy
and wine helps the heart
but you have to be wealthy
to keep to the target
two litres a day
to stop dehydration,
well, that’s what they say.

I’m partial to lager,
I’d settle for shandy
or beer with some oomph
though it can make me frisky
and talking of whisky
there’s Chivas Regal,
it worked for James Bond
in Casino Royale,
but I oughta drink water,
the experts advise
if I want to be sober
and wealthy and wise.

© Heather Wastie
September 2014

Tea with the vicar

“A cup of tea, it seems to me,
is only half of what it could be
if beneath the cup there is no saucer.
More tea, vicar? Strong and sweet, sir?”

From china cup with delicate handle
a crinoline sleeve and pale fingers dangle,
a pure white doyley in each saucer.
“More tea, vicar? Sweet and strong, sir?”

The vicar smiles and tilts his cup
and watches his doyley soaking up
the liquid rising in his saucer.
“Dear, dear vicar, is something wrong, sir?”

“Not at all!” the vicar winks
then, waiting till his doyley sinks,
he slurps the beverage from his saucer.
“Such ignorance I can’t ignore, sir!
I’ve never seen the like before, sir!
And I won’t be pouring any more, sir!!”

© Heather Wastie
September 2014