Happy National Poetry Day

This year’s NPD theme is Light. As well as presenting Light and Shade at the Museum of Carpet in Kidderminster tonight, I’ll also be visiting St Barnabas School, Drakes Broughton for their Poetry Challenge Day. This poem is for them and for you.

The day the sun fell 

One day the sun
fell from the sky
and shattered on the ice
of my pond.

I ran to pick up
the pieces but
they were far too hot to hold
and began to burn holes in my lawn.

The shards glowed.
What should I do?
The whole world
was depending on me.

Sudden movement,
a blackbird ran from the darkness,
grabbed the fragments in his beak
and flung them

up, way up
one by one
until the sun
was whole again.

The sun winked
at the blackbird.
The blackbird winked
at me.

I squinted into
the beautiful light
and breathed a sigh
of relief.

© Heather Wastie