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with Heather Wastie

Memories of the carpet industry in Kidderminster told through poems, monologues and songs with accordion accompaniment

by Heather Wastie & Kate Wragg

“Kidderminster Stuff” was a heavy weight, multi-purpose cloth woven in the town until the 1700s. It was used for all sorts of purposes, from draught excluder and tablecloth to backdrop for a travelling theatre company.

Heather and Kate have borrowed the name for their entertaining show about Kidderminster past and present. The show combines songs and poems from Heather’s Weaving Yarns oral history project with singer/songwriter Kate’s gritty but playful work about Kidderminster today.


performed at Kidderminster Arts Festival 2013
Boar’s Head Gallery, Friday 16th August
Museum of Carpet, Saturday 17th August

It was very well received! See Feedback page.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the songs from Weaving Yarns and Kidderminster Stuff:


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