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In the Silent Section

In January I mentioned on my blog (see Silent Practice ) that my nephew had sent me material for a poem  Actually it was more of a vivid rant! Here’s the piece I wrote using his words.

In the Silent Section
for Matt 

I am in the silent section
and I’m very very stressed;
there’s a girl walked in with headphones;
she’s an irritating pest.

She is ‘whispering’ the lyrics
thinking no-one else can hear
and she’s not the only person
making noises in my ear.

There are two guys sat behind me
clearly DO NOT understand
if they chat they are NOT silent!
Now it’s getting out of hand.

There’s a guy who’s begging sympathy
across the ‘silent’ room;
he is snorting and he’s sniffling
and I’m going to kill him soon.

There’s a bag left on the table
(‘table hoarding’ drives me mad)
with a phone in and it’s RINGING!
JUSTIN BEIBER!!! Add to that

the bloke who’s up a ladder
fiddling with a faulty light
chatting on his walkie talkie,
it strikes me he’s not that bright.

We are in the Silent Section!
As my ears begin to bleed,
I scream out in sheer frustration
It’s a library! Can’t you read???!!

© Heather Wastie

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