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Loom in the loft (finally)

Yesterday was the culmination of a wonderful collaboration between many different people to restore and celebrate the Weavers’ Cottages in Kidderminster and turn them into homes again. I was commissioned by Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust to write a song cycle about the cottages. A few months back, I met the Site Manager & others working on site during an inspiring tour of the cottages when the buildings were taking shape. I subsequently watched 360-degree films of the interior made by James McDonald who also inspired me. Site Manager Andy told me yesterday that the poem I wrote and recorded in response to all this had had quite an effect on him. He came up to me after one of two performances of the songs (plus evocative poems and stories written by people who came to my writing workshop) and said how much he had enjoyed them. I will treasure the special connections like this which I have made through this project. It was also very moving to see Roger at the loom in the loft – the final time we would ever see a hand loom being used there. 

The title of this post refers to the first line of the chorus of one of the songs:

Loom in the loft / Silk on the loom / Wool in the shuttle / Give the shuttle room

Performing with me were Sue Pope (Project Organiser) on ukulele and poets Margaret E Green and Sharon Cartwright. 

For further details about the cottages, which will be for sale very shortly, see http://www.weaverscottages.info/

4 thoughts on “Loom in the loft (finally)

  1. Thanks for your post. Heather. Good to have a photo of Andy Hutchings, site manager, on the screen in the background to your shot.


  2. Thanks for the lovely photos it was nearly as good as being there. Its been a long time since I viewed the property with Alan on a very cold day, wishing I was somewhere nice and warm celebrating my wedding anniversary. I doubted that the project was even worth starting let alone that it would ever get finished. I’m glad it has and just wish that Alan had lived long enough to see how splendid the cottages look. Mom x


    • Ah yes, I remember that from the poem I wrote:

      Bring on the Chairman’s wife and roadie
      who stood in the cold on her wedding anniversary
      being told, “You see that brick? Pull that out
      and these Weavers’ Cottages will all fall down!”

      Dad would have grinned from ear to ear x

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