Idle Women Finding Their Feet On The Cut

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As a Life Coach for women, I’m inspired by stories of the ways in which as a gender we’ve changed, grown, and discovered our strength and sense of purpose in the world. Which is (thankfully) no longer just getting married and having babies!

Despite the progress made, to this day it frequently feels as though life ‘on the cut’ is mostly dominated by the views of men.

I can only imagine how it would have felt for the women who heard and accepted the call to action in the Second World War. They were brave and adventurous enough to take on the role men left behind, carrying a variety cargo in working narrowboats, from London around the country.

Who were the Idle Woman?

Last year I read a brilliant book that epitomises such women – called Idle Women (al), by Susan Woolfitt.

Here’s the synopsis on Amazon…

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