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Being a Poet Laureate on National Poetry Day

Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe have just posted my latest blog which focuses on National Poetry Day. You can read it here http://worcslitfest.co.uk/worcestershire-poet-laureate/heathers-wpl-blog-october-2015/

I would like to thanks St Barnabas School, Drakes Broughton for inviting me to their Poetry Challenge Day, Worcs LitFest for running the poetry competition, the Museum of Carpet for hosting the evening event and everyone who performed at it. One of the performers was Nina Lewis who has blogged about it here https://awritersfountain.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/national-poetry-day-light-shade-event-at-kidderminster-carpet-museum/

As promised, here is the poem I wrote on National Poetry Day in response to a request from St Barnabas School:

Being a poet

I look
I might see a giant silver horse’s head in a field!
I look closely
I might see an ant carrying a peanut

I listen
I might hear some unusual words, like crambo-jingle
I listen hard
I might hear a wonderful story
I listen hard
because it’s not hard to listen

I love
I love to look
I love to listen
I love to listen to people
using words
telling stories

I love to tell stories
some real, some made up
I love to laugh
I love funny words
I love to rhyme
like when I wrote about a parrot and a carrot
though poems don’t have to rhyme

To be a poet
all you need is to
look, listen and love

oh, and write it down
or say it out loud:
what you see
what you hear
and what you love
so others can
see it, hear it and love it too.

© Heather Wastie
October 2015

written for a visit to St Barnabas School, Drakes Broughton on National Poetry Day

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