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The Kelpies, Whisky Angels & a salmon ladder

Yesterday I returned from a holiday in Scotland. Rather than send postcards, I took photos, wrote poetry and put together a blog. Here’s Part One!



Metal beings:
Head Up”, “Head Down”,
see-through, seeing,
owning the ground.

© Heather Wastie

See http://www.andyscottsculptor.com/sculptures/the-kelpies

P1050149 P1050147


We took some of the angel’s share.
As spirit turned to whisky, the air
was rich with sherry, oak and bourbon,
Edradour or peaty Ballechin.

A cask that was filled in 1974
is left with just a fifth, no more.
Those angels are a happy breed;
they always have more than they need.

© Heather Wastie

See http://www.edradour.com/

There’s a salmon in a tunnel
getting sadder and sadder and sadder;
he made it to Pitlochry
but couldn’t fathom the ladder.
© Heather Wastie

For info on the salmon ladder see http://www.pitlochry-scotland.co.uk/what-to-do/walks/pitlochry-dam-and-fish-ladder/

2 thoughts on “The Kelpies, Whisky Angels & a salmon ladder

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