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Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2015!

Success!! I am the 2015 Worcestershire Poet Laureate!!

The competition was tough. The other 5 finalists were very impressive – Suz Winspear, Nina Lewis, Tony Shadforth, Damon Lord and Betti Moretti.  

Suz Winspear and Nina Lewis gave particularly strong performances and thoroughly deserved to be 2nd and 3rd respectively.   

It was quite a journey for us all, from writing our applications together with anonymous submission of 2 poems, to interview as longlisted poets, to performance of our poems last Friday evening at the Guildhall, Worcester. The event marked the beginning of the Worcestershire Literary Festival. There’s lots more going on! Have a look at their website  http://worcslitfest.co.uk.

My first appearance as Laureate was at an Asparawriting Festival event in Evesham on Saturday http://asparawritingfestival.co.uk. I love this photo of myself with outgoing Laureate, Fergus McGonigal and Asparawriting Festival organiser Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn, both of whose work I admire greatly.   

By complete contrast, my second gig was in a marquee at Hopfest, Bewdley http://www.hopfest.co.uk in an event organised by fellow finalist, Betti Moretti. 

My next appearance is “Rubber Swordplay” at St Swithin’s, Worcester tomorrow night and I’ll also be performing at Speakeasy on Thursday. See http://worcslitfest.co.uk for further details!

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