Worcestershire Poet Laureate Competition 2015

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been shortlisted for Worcestershire Poet Laureate. Do visit the Worcestershire Literary Festival website and vote on your favourite poem by the shortlisted poets. You have ONE vote and of course I can’t tell you which one is mine!

Worcestershire Poet Laureate Competition 2015.

The final stage, when the winner will be chosen, is a performance in The Guildhall at the Festival launch on Friday June 12th.

My success goes a long way towards making up for the 5 weeks I spent languishing with a bug which has been dubbed “The Big One”. ¬†During this time I did manage to write 6 lines of poetry to sum up how I felt. Here they are!

Sick, of the view

In direct line of vision
a solid blotch on the mirror,
an imagined face silhouetted in grime,

an annoying uselessness
of ‘smear-proof’ window cleaner
and a woman gathering dust.

© Heather Wastie
May 2015