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One poem leads to another

Sometimes I see a poem and it reminds me of one of my own. This has happened twice recently with the same poet, Polly Robinson. The first time, I thought of posting an old poem of mine but when I looked at it, I felt it needed an edit. So I embarked on that and struggled, wondering whether I could still capture the atmosphere (of teenage infatuation – erm, a long time ago!)

Today I read a new post by Polly http://journalread.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/the-beach-in-winter/ and the poem it reminded me of is below. I wrote it a very long time ago and still like it.

a winter’s night meeting

scarved gloved
hasty greeting
thickly coated
secret meeting

breathless voices
dark night
resounding laughter
snowball fight
german army
attack retreat
hand grenade
quick defeat
sweating bodies
pounding breasts
muffled phrases
clenching fists
falling bodies
shrieking ice
sudden scuffle
watering eyes
solemn faces
silent stares
someone sniffing

rubbing hands
stomping feet
silent snowfall
empty street

crunching paths
clinging air
shuffling feet
silver hair
short farewells
slamming doors
runny noses
chattering jaws
steaming broth
crackling heat
thawing hands
tingling feet

warm blankets
cosy bed
drooping eyelids
sleep content

© Heather Wastie

4 thoughts on “One poem leads to another

    • Very different poems too! Yours is very evocative, with a sense of freedom within its tight structure. Mine is very simple, and ancient 🙂 It reminds me of the time when my world was a lot quieter.

      • I like to see the ‘bouncing off each other’ thing…especially when it leads to diversity and interesting takes–I enjoyed your poem very much Heather 🙂 x

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