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Over 3 thousand views of Idle Women video

The Canal & River Trust shared the video of my poem Idle Women and Judies on their Facebook page and so far it has been watched 3,281 times. 80 people/organisations have shared it on their pages too, and on YouTube it has been watched 497 times. I have received and found some lovely comments which I’ve copied below:

very evocative and true to the story too
Teresa Fuller (narrow boat owner)

Only one word for it BRILLIANT! Well done.
Roger Noons (poet)

What a fabulous piece of work.
Emma Purshouse (writer, performance poet, narrow boat owner)

Life generally isn’t one landscape – it’s made up of a thousand flashes … it doesn’t consist of armies – of populations – it is formed from single people and individual experiences. You always represent the individual so very clearly – thank you.
Mike Alma

A powerful atmospheric portrait of life on the canals during the second word war. It’s beautiful, very moving.
Burnley Canal Festival

Comments on Facebook shares:

This is brilliant!
That video and the associated pictures are very nice and a fabulous part of our history.
i liked the poetic versus 🙂
Take time to watch this…. It is a wonderful tribute to the Women who kept the canal industry moving during the war……

Here are some photos from my day performing at the Waterways Museum, Gloucester:


Interview with Joanna Durrant, BBC Radio Gloucestershire

IMG_1415 IMG_1416

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