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Young people’s writing

3 young people came along to my workshop yesterday and showed their writing talents. I asked them to write about their ideal / fantasy carpet, describing it by referring to their senses and was very pleased with the results:


Abigail Wareham drafted a poem, and when I suggested she wrote it out again, she edited it and created a piece of visual art. I really like the poem and the way it works on the page. My favourite bits are “tickle my ankle”, “making me feel like I’m jumping every step” and “My hands brush the stringy cotton texture, / skimming the choppy top.”

Here’s a very different poem written by Hannah Coley. I like the neatness of it and that there are 5 lines in each stanza. I love the way she uses the carpet to give a snapshot of a relationship. My favourite bits are “Hours of design and colour” and the last line ……

A thousand weaving yarns.
Into one metre of carpet.
Millions of designs.
for you to choose one,
for a room of your choice.

Carpet unnoticed by your husband,
your hard work gone to waste,
Hours of design and colour,
To make your house and home,
Her friend will notice.

Hannah Coley

Reece Griffiths started by drawing a pattern.










Here’s his poem:

My favourite carpet

I bought this carpet a few weeks ago,
no colour as white as snow
smooth and soft touch to the toe

Stumbling past I stopped and relaxed
noticing how soft, I stayed in a comforted stance
more like a trance

Reece Griffiths

I like the rhyme pattern in Reece’s poem. My favourite lines are “smooth and soft touch to the toe”, “Stumbling past I stopped and relaxed”. I like the sound of this carpet!


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